Connecting accounts from different banks on Friday Finance might include different authorization processes, for example:

  • Some banks allow the user to directly provide the relevant information via the Friday Finance dashboard (and only then connect to their online banking portal for final confirmation), while others require an immediate visit to the online banking portal.

  • Some banks only ask for the branch number and an account number at the first stage of the process, while others require a specific identification number and a password right away.

The reason for that is, that different banks use different authentication and online banking systems which has to do with their overall difference in IT infrastructure and technology use. As Friday Finance connects to banks using the banks' required authorization process, the processes necessarily differ from institution to institution.

The important thing to know is, that, no matter the particular process - Friday Finance always ensures the establishment of a secure and stable connection.

Important: Please do not hesitate to contact Friday Finance's support team should you experience any issues or require additional support.

Just use the chat function on the Friday Finance homepage or in the Friday Finance App (the speech bubble symbol in the lower right-hand corner) or send an email to:

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